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Lash care: How to properly care for your lash extensions

In my last article, I discussed how lash extensions should be considered an investment. Now let's explore how to take care of that investment! Proper lash care is essential for the health of your eyes and lashes and the retention of your lash extensions. Caring for your lashes at home is easy if you follow the correct steps!

Why proper lash care is important

Lash extensions are more prone to collect oil and debris build-up than our natural lashes. While this is true for any extensions, if you have volume or mega-volume lash extensions, there is even more potential for build-up because there is more surface to collect oil and debris from your surroundings. Getting this build-up out from in between your extensions and natural lashes is essential because it can impact the natural growth cycle of your lashes which could lead to permanent damage.

What to avoid for the better lash retention

Your lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes with adhesive. This adhesive, while strong and safe to use on your eyes, is not meant to last forever. It will gradually become less effective as your natural lashes grow.

False lashes and waterproof mascara should be completely avoided if you have lash extensions. The lash glue used for false lashes is almost impossible to remove from lash extensions and could actually impact future extension applications. Waterproof mascara is also very damaging to lash extensions because it will damage your lash extensions. Lash extensions are made up of fans which are several lash extensions joined together. Fans are then put on your individual lashes, which is how we achieve the volume look. Using waterproof mascara will make the fans clump together and weigh down your natural lashes. The weight of the product with your lash extensions can permanently damage your natural lashes and potentially your eyes too.

Bonus tip: the salt from your tears can also degrade lash adhesive and make them feel hard or crusty! So if you can, cleanse your lashes after a cry sesh.

How to properly care for your lash extensions

Proper care for your lash extensions is a daily commitment and starts before your lash appointment. Do these four things to ensure healthy lashes and longer retention!

  1. Pre-service prep

Ensure your lashes are free of residue, build-up, or makeup before your appointment. If this is your first time getting lash extensions and you don’t have the proper cleansing supplies yet, be sure to tell your lash artist so they can do it for you. Your lashes need to be clean to ensure proper application. Otherwise, the extensions will adhere to oil or debris on your natural lashes, and the extensions will quickly fall off once the buildup breaks down over time.

  1. Get the proper cleansing tools

You will need to get a cleanser that is specifically formulated for lash extensions. Washes and cleansers that are not created for use on extensions can damage your lashes. If you’re new to lash extensions, your lash artist will have recommendations for products to use. I recommend the Eyelash Extension Foam Cleanser by LashMakers. Next, you’ll need a soft-bristled brush to appropriately clean your lashes. Do not use anything cotton-based, as fibers will get stuck in your lashes and are hard to remove. If you don’t have a soft-bristled brush, you can also use a clean lash brush (spoolie).

  1. Cleanse your lashes

Apply your lash cleanser to a wet soft-bristled brush and gently lather all over your eyes and lashes. Do this in a downward motion and pay the most attention to the bases of your lashes as that is where all the dust and debris collects. Once lathered and cleaned, be sure to thoroughly rinse your lashes. You can do this by rinsing off your brush and doing the same downward motion or by gently splashing your lashes until the cleanser has been removed. Try not to put your lashes under a direct stream of water, as the force can potentially damage or remove your lash extensions. Best time to do this is in the shower.

  1. Dry your lashes

Once your lashes are cleansed, use a clean towel to gently pat and remove the excess water from the extensions. Do not rub your lash extensions, as the tug of the towel will pull off your extensions. They don’t need to be completely dry, but make sure you give them time to completely air dry before you brush them out. Once your lashes are completely dry, use a clean spoolie to gently separate your lashes. This will give your clean lashes a soft and fluffy look!


To fluff up your lashes, take your spoolie and apply it to the top of your lash line. Gently roll it down and outward through your lashes. For an extra lift, start your spoolie under the base of your lashes and brush upward. This is a safe way to brush your lashes without tugging and can help remove dust or debris if you are not able to cleanse your lashes right away.

To keep your lashes looking full and long-lasting, it’s very important you keep them clean! It is also essential for your own eye health. If your eyes are stinging when your lashes get wet, that is a sign you need to do a better job of cleaning your lashes. If you have any questions about lash cleansing tips or tricks, please get in touch!

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