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Lash Courses & Trainings

Sarah is a top tier educator in her craft of lash extensions. With over 8 years of experience, Sarah shares it all with her students and goes over every last detail in her outlined courses to set each student up for success. She has taken over 20 certified lash courses herself and knows what works and doesn't work. She is trusted with her knowledge so much, that she now offers private one-on-one trainings for those looking to enhance their knowledge surrounding both classic and volume lashes.

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Our Trainings

Available One-on-One Trainings

Beginner Classic Lash Course

This is for students who want to learn the beginning techniques of lashes. I will teach you proper placement, the science behind the adhesive, business advice, social media, photos, and live hands on models to practice, along with full access to Sarah will any questions after the course for life.

  • Two Day Course

  • Includes $250 Starter Kit

  • Cost: $1,250

Volume Lash Course

This course is outlined for students who have already taken a classic lash course with either myself or another instructor. We learn how to properly fan symmetrical fans, placement of each lash, and retention trouble shooting. Along with how to properly edit photos, different fanning techniques, and live hands on models!

  • Two Day Course

  • Includes $250 Starter Kit

  • Classic Lash Training Required

  • Cost: $1,800

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