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Welcome to the Inner Beauty family.

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I founded Inner Beauty because, like many of my clients, consistently need to remind myself how beautiful we all are both inside and out. That journey inspired me to become an esthetician, and 4 years in I couldn't be happier. I have a passion for making my clients feel comfortable, confident, and BEAUTIFUL. I offer a wide range of services including lash extensions, extension removal, lash lifts and tints, eyebrow tinting, and facial waxing. 

I can't wait to meet you, and help you feel beautiful for whatever occasion life has in store for you! 

- Sarah Dion 

Founder - Inner Beauty 

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Eyelash Implants

Get to Know Inner Beauty

It's easy to get caught up in the societal pressures of physical beauty these days. Inner Beauty was founded to remind ourselves and our clients that everyone is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Our passion is making you feel like the beautiful, confident person that you already are. 


Darby Filip, Esthetician

Darby Filip is a Licensed Esthetician from Manchester, NH. She graduated from The American Academy of Health & Beauty where she completed a 600-hour program to obtain her Esthetics License. Darby started apprenticing at Inner Beauty under Sarah Dion where she studied lash extensions and started lashing live models. She created her business, Darby Barbie Esthetics in 2022, and is consistently growing clientele. Darby is certified in Professional Dermaplaning and has developed professional product knowledge of Image Skincare and Inika Beauty. Darby specializes in lash extensions, lash lifting & tinting, brow lifting & tinting, facial waxing, dermaplaning, and more! She plans on continuing her education with more courses and certifications in the future.

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Abbey Kaye Ritter, RN

Meet Abbey Kaye! A registered nurse who is enthusiastic about helping her clients feel confident in their skin. She is passionate about graceful aging, having clear skin, and always wearing sunblock!

Abbey attended the Institute of Health Professions at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGHIHP) for her Bachelors degree in nursing, and is currently completing her Masters degree as a Nurse Practitioner at the MGHIHP.


She received didactic and hands-on training at the Audrey Rose Institute for aesthetic injections. Abbey has completed professional training for PCA chemical peels and is certified in dermaplaning through Dermaplane Pro. She loves introducing new clients to low-risk, yet life changing aesthetic injections and luxurious skin care!

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