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Cheap lash extensions: What to know if you're price shopping for lashes

When researching goods or services, it’s normal to price shop. Wanting to get the most bang for your buck or hunt for a bargain is natural. But sometimes, going with the more expensive option is worth it in more ways than one. That is especially true when it comes to lash extensions. So let’s talk pricing.

In this article, we’ll answer common questions about lash extension pricing and address misconceptions about what you SHOULD be paying for them.

Why are some lash extensions cheaper than others?

Lash extension prices are set by the lash artist and can vary based on several factors. When setting prices, artists must consider materials used, the cost of running their own studio, their investment in training, their experience, how long their lashes last on their clients, and labor costs. All of these factor into the final price that you, the client, will pay for your lash extensions.

So why do some lash artists charge less than others? While only the last artist can explain their own reasoning for their pricing, two things mentioned above are most likely allowing them to offer cheaper pricing. The first is the materials they use. If they offer a bargain basement price, this could indicate that they are using cheap materials, from the adhesive to the actual lash extensions to the equipment used to sterilize their instruments.

The second reason for a low price is lack of experience or training. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and not having experience is totally OK! But if you are going to a lash artist with the lowest prices in your area - you should ask why. If they are still in training, that’s fine, but if they say they’ve been lashing for years, you should reconsider getting your lash extensions done by them. The wrong lashes can damage your natural lashes, but if the adhesive gets into your eye, it could lead to blindness. Your eyes are the only open organ in your body, so it’s extremely important that you take care of them!

One way to help protect your eyes and lashes is to ensure you are working with a licensed lash artist. If you’re getting cheap lashes, please ask your lash artist about their experience first! Before they start lashing, you should ask to see their license and certificates. All lash artists must have a cosmetology or esthetician license in the state of New Hampshire and should have lash certificates. Highly skilled artists will have multiple certificates.

What should lash extensions cost?

Now you know the why behind the pricing, let’s talk about what you should be paying if you are considering investing in lash extensions. If you are going to an experienced lash artist for the first time and looking to get volume lash extensions, the typical price range is $200 - $300+ for a full set. After your initial set, you should expect to pay around $80 - $110 for bi-weekly fills.

You can expect they will use quality materials and appropriate extensions for your natural lashes at this price point. You’ll get handmade fans custom to your natural lashes. This will allow for a better, cleaner look, better retention, and overall lash health. It’s about quality, not quantity! Lash artists are just that - artists. Your lashes are the art they pour their heart into by making customized fans to place on your individual lashes. A highly-skilled, passionate lash artist should charge higher prices for work they take pride in. It’s their art, just like any other artist.

How can you still get a bargain?

If quality lash extensions are out of your price range, there are other options to consider that will help you (and your lashes) stay healthy. I recommend going to a local beauty school! They are always looking for models for students to practice on. This will not only be a cheaper price point but also ensure your eyes and lashes stay safe in a controlled environment.

Much like any other beauty treatment, lash extensions are an investment. Always keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you shop for the cheapest lash extensions in your area, you may not be happy with the results. You wouldn’t Google “cheapest tattoo artist near me” or “cheapest dentist near me” because you would be concerned about the quality. Please have the same mindset when it comes to your extensions! Your natural lashes will thank you.

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